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Prime Business Software meets the demands of the modern business with a unique blend of business software. From accounting through to management reporting, Prime becomes the principal business system and supports sales, production, distribution and management staff. All features and modules are integrated into one accounting solution, which saves double entries, reduces errors and is easier to use.

Prime Business Software is a comprehensive integrated accounting system. The accounting is handled behind the usual daily processes of invoices, purchases and cash transactions, and produces all the required financial reporting.

Developed for businesses and focused on Best Business Practice, Prime Business Software reduces on the Total Cost of Transactions. Many of these processes revolve around inventory management and this has become a point of difference for businesses using Prime.

Businesses require information for decision making. Prime’s Report Writer and Standard Systems Reports provide all necessary information and is the key to unlocking vast amounts of data and converting this into meaningful business information.

Prime Business Software packages:

Classic Accounting
Classic Accounting is a fully integrated accounting system with the features required to manage a business of almost any size – Invoicing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Cashbook and a comprehensive Report Writer.

Enterprise Business
The Enterprise package provides a more comprehensive range of features for companies requiring the highest level. This includes company’s which have multi-branch businesses, a combination of Retail, Distribution and Servicing, or specific needs, such as the apparel/fabric/footwear industries. The Enterprise package is also suitable for business with a high volume of distribution or with serial and warranty tracked inventory.

Enterprise Modules

  • Business to Business (B2B) efficiently exchanges data (sales, purchases, reports) to and from other businesses.
  • Textile, Clothing & Footwear (TCF) includes features specifically associated with TCF industries, such as size/colour matrix and special order processing (sales & purchasing).
  • Warehousing & Distribution provides product tracking, integration with couriers/freight companies, and meets labeling/barcoding requirements. 

Distribution and Accounting provides the additional tools to manage the distribution of products more easily. Fully featured Sales Order processing will ensure orders are delivered accurately and on time. The provided reports deliver timely updates on inventory levels and the status of orders. The Distribution system integrates seamlessly with the Accounting Systems, providing instant on-line financial data.

Point of Sale
The integrated Point of Sale and Accounting provides a transparent link between the retail counter and the back office. This in not often available with other software providers. In addition to Classic Accounting, Point of Sale provides the link between fast sales lane processing and the collection of valuable customer and product information. The software integrates with all standard POS hardware (Cashdrawers, printers, touch screens, display poles, etc.).

Servicing and Accounting manages the processing for service based businesses. Jobs or tasks can be entered into Prime, assigned to staff, and progress recoded and invoiced when completed. This provides management with immediate progress on tasks entered. Integration with the Accounting system eliminates double handling and provides a database of information for the analysis of trends.

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